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Toby to Jennie


From Toby, To His Sister Jennie

Toby to his sister, Jennie

Stevensburg Virginia March the 11th 1864

Dearest Sister,

I hope this letter finds you in Good Health. My Condition of life is good & I am doing well as can be Expectd. We are prety settled down in the camp at Stevnsburg I am in a tent with our cousins as well as 2 Irish lads come from Boston & a strange man I think he is german he dosnt say much atall.

Thank you for yr Kind letter of 2 weks past. I am truly sory that you feel I hav Abandond you to the clutchs of Aunt Clara but you know ther was no where else we could go could we when Father died you know he didnt hav any monie left & was swiming in debbt there was nothin to do but sell the House. Quinn sez Uncle Henry sez if Father had not sqwanderd all his monies on Books & Charitee that we would not hav to throw ourselfs on his Mercy. William sez Uncle Henry lovd our Mother deerly as I do love my Owne Sister that is You. Do not fear Sister that Aunt Clara will reqire you go be a Governes Will sez over his ded Body you will leave the House God willing that wont be the case Howevr this war dosnt seem to be comin to an End anytime soon.  Do not fear Sister we dont seem to be near to Battle yet & the boys are gettin restles they want to see a Fight—watch out Jonny Reb!

I will now try to give you som Particulars of our lifes here in camp. Plese send anothr package as the food continus Horrible. Quinn sez he cannot eat this sloppe that we get to Eat & I cannot either but Will sez we should be Grateful for the Pork & Corn Meal since time comes when we will hav nothin but Hardtack fore our Suppers. Tell Missus Sulivan we are doin fine cookin fore ourselfs see ther was no need to bring any Servants we wantd to Fight this war as Common Men like Will sez. Our Cousins surely could hav been Officers but to be Common is Patriotick sez Will. Any way Will is now Corporil & Quinn is sure to get his Stripes as welle. Me welle I am to young as yet I am jus tryin to keep Sanity and perhps beat Quinn at Cards.

Speakin of Quinn he is much liked in the Company he is much Fun but perhps gambles to much. Will gets mad & lecturs but plays cards to anyways none of us boys hav seen any Thing of Soldering so why should he know.

The mosquitoes bite quite awful & the Camp smells of too many Bodies.  Som men are Sick but I am still Well dont worry I am Fine. I hav a Muskit & Bayonette and Brogans that make me look right Smart I recon.

Will is just now lookin over my shoulder & wants me to giv you his Love. He is teachin me to play at cards & smok a Pipe wont that be Smart when I return? I recon that you will barely recogize me, Quinn sez I am beomin the very Image of Will, but he does not seem to think it a Complement.

As I said dont worry we will com Home & I will take care of You I will find a Trade & Will wont let us be thrown out of Pritchett House.

Plese excus my Poor Writin.

Remember to send Eatables & othr nessarys.

I remain yr Afeckshunite Brother


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