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Father O’Brien to Uncle Henry


To Henry Pritchett, From Champlain

Father O'Brien's letter to Henry Pritchett upon the death of Tobias

Stevensburg Virginia March the 20th 1864

Mr. Henry S. Pritchett
Brookline, Massachusetts

Dear Sir,

It is with the utmost regret that we inform you of the death of your nephew, Tobias Pritchett Lovell of Captain James Fleming’s 28th Massachusetts Infantry, Company B. Private Lovell died not on the battlefield, but on his sickbed & was none the braver for it; he bore his painful illness with Fortitude & strength of Spirit, fighting as hard as any true Christian Soldier sacrificing his Life for his Country.

I will now endeavor to give you the Particulars of his Death, as far as I am privy to them. Pvt. Lovell fell ill with Dysentery on March the 15th, and was removed to the Hospital at Stevensburg on March the 17th, where he was treated with kindness & concern. Every measure was taken to secure his Health & his Doctors were confident of success. Sadly, on March the 19th his condition unexpectedly worsened & he died late that evening.

On behalf of the United States Army, I would like to express our deepest sympathies to you and your family for your tragic loss of one so young and so far from home. Rest assured that Private Lovell is in our Prayers.

None knew him but to love him,
None named him but to praise.

Quem Di diligunt
Adolescens moritur

Yours in sorrow,

Father Nicholas O’Brien. Chaplain.
28th Massachusetts


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