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Geist to Jennie Lovell


From Geist, to Jennie Lovell

Heinrich Geist to Jennie Lovell

January the fourth, 1865

Dear Miss Lovell,

Thank you for your delicate inquiry. It is to your utmost commendation that you appear to be approaching this endeavor with your mind open to Spiritual Possibilities.

I would be delighted to accommodate your family at my studio between the hours of ten and eleven in the morning on Tuesday January the eighteenth.

Please be advised that the greater number of family members in attendance could certainly improve the efficacy of the process. In addition, the presence of an object belonging to or depicting the beloved departed might encourage an Apparition.

But be forewarned: Services will be Promptly rendered, but with no Assurance of Spiritual Communication.

The summoning of Spirits is neither simple nor guaranteed. However, my skills as a Medium have been proven. Feel absolutely free to consult with Mrs. Joseph Wilkins, who can provide you with references on my behalf.

Your Humble Servant,

Heinrich Geist

Tremont Street, Boston


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